Radwag Pue 7.1.Dp1.Wd4.Cr.bar.da, Pue 7.1 Terminal With Display Wd-4/4

Radwag, PUE 7.1.DP1.WD4.CR.BAR.DA, PUE 7.1 Terminal with (1) Additional Weighing Platform Module and Display Model WD-4/4, Card Reader, Data Access Module Activation, Bar Code Scanner LS2208 for Scales and Balances Terminal PUE 7.1 series is designed for extension of industrial scales

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100001 is saved, the measurement 1 gets automatically deleted from the memory

12860 g 961 IR Sensors - Programmable function supporting the weighing process through control of the following options sliding weighing chamber doors, printout, zeroing, tarring etc

A graphic visualization of weighing result is displayed in a form of a bar graph

A patented design of a single printed-circuit board eliminates failure endangered parts, i.e

Additional display WD-4/4 is manufactured in plastic housing

Additional display WD-4/4 series is designed for cooperation with scales and weighing systems based on terminal PUE 7

Alibi Memory - Alibi memory enables saving and storing up to 100000 measurements

Animal Weighing - Process of mass determination for a product which may unwillingly reposition within the weighing pan

Area of Use Designing of load cell based industrial scales

Barcode scanner model Symbol LS2208 is a manual device designed for operation in adverse industrial conditions

Checkweighing - Checkweighing function is used for checking whether the measured sample mass is within the predefined threshold values, Low LO and High HI

Current state of a sample being measured is signaled by means of pictograms located on a display for laboratory balances, for industrial scales Stack Light System is used

Differential Weighing - Differential weighing informs about mass variation a particular sample, wherein the said variation is a result of manufacturing processes

Differential weighing is often applied in product control process, for which reference product parameters have been specified in order to be used as a source of comparison for the whole series

Dosing function performance is often supported with bar graph - load indicator

Dosing tolerance is given in and it is calculated in relation to the reference value thus being a permissible deviation of this process

Each measured product is compared to mass standard, mass of which is presumed as a model 100 ideal mass

Especially appreciated wherever preventing the balance from soiling is important

For industrial scales it is possible to use a control systems of dosing process

For industry solutions items counting may be simultaneously carried out with checkweighing and dosing thus industry solutions feature audio signaling base informing that specified number of items has been weighed

For items counting the following algorithm is used all items mass / single item mass quantity

For products weighing less than the mass standard, obtained results are lower than 100 , for products weighing more, the obtained results are greatly exceeded

For systems based on a feed-back technique such information may be used by control units

Formulation - Function supporting the mixture making process, wherein the mixture contains various components

Formulation function usually uses the balance/scale database of components

Formulation serves for monitored checkweighing of every single component with a given tolerance

Function operation is supported by a mechanism of Automatic Correction of Accuracy

Functions Dosing - Weighing process for which reference mass has been determined together with tolerance for its determination

In laboratory the labeling is performed in a semi-automatic mode, for industry in an automatic one dynamic scales

In such case standard deviation is the information which tells about quality and completeness of a final product

Increasing the functionality of scales based on terminal PUE 7 series.

It features LED display, and it is connected to a terminal PUE 7 series through a cable with D-SUB 15 male socket

It has been designed for intense and continuous operation in retail sales, libraries, health centers and pharmacy, etc

It is enriched with a set of individual settings

It is most often used in medical scales in order to hold the measurement indication

It is possible to apply weighing systems using few platforms of different MAX capacities and different accuracies

It is the user who defines period of time needed for control of measured product mass

It may be either estimated through weighment or taken from a database

Its light and ergonomic casing provides comfort of use

Labeling - Marking products with the right symbols contributes to quick and reliable identification

Mass determination in such cases requires much longer period of time when compared to typical weighing process

Mass of a mass standard may be a numeric value taken from a database or it may be determined through a measurement process

Mass of a single item is required for this process

Measurements are saved automatically upon each pressing of the key

Measurements saved to balance memory cannot be deleted

Newton Unit Measurement - Function allowing to perform the measurement in Newton unit, it may be used for processes aiming to determine force resulting in the sample damage

PUE 71 features 5.7 colorful graphic touch screen display and membrane keypad

Parts Counting - Function using mass measurement for determination of measured items quantity

Peak Hold - Function registering the greatest temporary indication occurring in course of the weighing process

Percent Weighing - Percent Weighing function is used for comparison of measured products with mass standard

Plus/Minus Control - Control of sample's mass carried out with reference to specified MIN and MAX thresholds

Scanning part of LS2208 with liquid polymere protects its module from shock based damages

Statistics - Statistics function registers and analyses performed measurements

Symbol LS2208 is a high quality hand-held barcode scanner

The WD-4/4 is equipped with automatic display blanking function and automatic detection of the baud rate

The WD-4/4 series can function as data indicating display of main weighing platform or additional weighing platform

The additional display is powered from the terminal scale

The balance/scale usually transfers product mass or product quantity to the label printer

The data indicated on the additional display, correspond to those present on scale's display

The following data related with the measurements is saved measurement date measurement time result mass tare value operator carrying out the measurement logged in product name

The software saves the measurement in a so called loop, i.e

The thresholds are given in g and kg units

The transferred value is printed with the following information bar code, pictogram, content, address etc

The user can thus optimize the function depending on the measured product characteristics

The weight is considered to be correct if it is comprised within threshold values

There is no need for any additional operations or changing settings

This allows to determine mass content of the mixture, being a composition of number of different consistence components

This allows to update single item mass in course of the process

This solution is used for weighing powders, liquids and loose materials

This supplies the user with the following information Max and Min standard deviation, average value, variance, range et

This visual /- inspection is in operation during segregation, control or packing process of products for which mass has bees determined with a specified tolerance, eg

To a certain extend Automatic Correction of Accuracy eliminates error which may be a result of different mass values of seemingly alike single elements

Totalizing - Function adding new mass value to already obtained one

Totalizing is limited by maximum capacity parameter

Two proximity sensors with programmable functionality offer hands-free operation

You can preview and print out the data saved to the Alibi database

Connections between multiple boards

When the measurement no


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Accuform MRAD022VA10, 10 x

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Oxford Lab Products F2-1, Capp

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LuxteL CL175BF, Replacement Lamp for

CL175BF, Replacement lamp for Olympus, Storz B Body Size The CeraLux reg 175BF is the product of choice for market leading medical equipment such as Integra Luxtec
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Meriam M400-DI0300-02, M4 Series Precision

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0 TO 300 PSI Differential, Isolated, 2 port see 4 port flushing option below Standard 2 port manifold for all Types In continuous production for nearly 25 years
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BlackBox EYN870A-PB-1000, CAT6 Solid Bulk

BlackBox EYN870A-PB-1000, CAT6 Solid Bulk

BlackBox, EYN870A-PB-1000, GigaTrue reg 550 CAT6, 550-MHz Solid Bulk Cable - 4-Pair, 1000-ft. 304.8-m , Pull Box, PVC, Blue ETL Verified and HDBaseT trade Recommended CAT6 cable.
262.20 USD
Diamond Vantage 2615EWCX1-1, X2000 26

Diamond Vantage 2615EWCX1-1, X2000 26

Features 10mm .394 rdquo segment height Balance between cost and performance not for machines over 65HP Applications Hard Concrete
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Allegro 9904-C, Deluxe Supplied Air

Allegro 9904-C, Deluxe Supplied Air

Allegro Industries, 9904-C, Deluxe Supplied Air Shield/Helmet w/Personal Air Cooler The ultimate Personal Protective Equipment PPE solution for industrial manufacturing environments that demand respiratory protection. Deluxe Supplied Air
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Dwyer BTO31271, Series BTO Bimetal

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Xeltek CX1002-5000, TSOP32 Open Top

Xeltek CX1002-5000, TSOP32 Open Top

Xeltek, CX1002-5000, TSOP32 Opentop Socket Adapter for SuperPro 5000
235.70 USD
Cecomp Electronics F4AD200BARG-NC, F4AD Digital

Cecomp Electronics F4AD200BARG-NC, F4AD Digital

Cecomp Electronics, F4AD200BARG-NC, F4AD Low Voltage Powered Digital Pressure Gauge with NIST Traceability Certificate, 5 Test Points, Test Date, 0-200 Bar, Reference Pressure Features 316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
500.00 USD
Dwyer 629C-05-CH-P4-E9-S3-AT, 629C Transmitter

Dwyer 629C-05-CH-P4-E9-S3-AT, 629C Transmitter

Dwyer, 629C-05-CH-P4-E9-S3-AT, 629C Pressure Transmitter 0-100 psid with Alu. Tag Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter Process Connection - 1/4 quot Female BSPT Electrical Connection - M-12 4-pin connector
299.90 USD
Winters P3S6507, P3S 10

Winters P3S6507, P3S 10

Winters, P3S6507, P3S 10 30 /300PSI/KPA 1/4 Bottom Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge Applications Use on air, steam, oil, fresh water Boiler and control room Description
621.00 USD
Berkshire CHNBK.0508SR.40, Spiral-Bound Cleanroom Notebook

Berkshire CHNBK.0508SR.40, Spiral-Bound Cleanroom Notebook

Berkshire, CHNBK.0508SR.40, Spiral-Bound Cleanroom Notebook, 5 x 8 13cm x 20cm Low-linting Choice reg Spiral Bound Notebooks are made of Berkshire cleanroom bond. The economical
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Accuform MCSP141XF10, 10 x

Accuform MCSP141XF10, 10 x

Accuform, MCSP141XF10, 10 x 14 OSHA Danger Safety Sign Confined Space - Authorized Personnel Only Dura-Fiberglass Accuform, Features Image is printed on rigid fiberglass material
264.80 USD
Accuform MCAW027XP10, OSHA Danger Safety

Accuform MCAW027XP10, OSHA Danger Safety

Accuform, MCAW027XP10, 10 x 14 OSHA Danger Safety Sign Contains Asbestos ... Accu-Shield Legend Contains Asbestos Fibers -Avoid Creating Dust - Cancer and Lung Hazard
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Climax Metal C200E-493, C200-Series Locking

Climax Metal C200E-493, C200-Series Locking

C200E-493, C200-Series Locking Assembly 4.937 quot x 7.087 quot Features Original double taper, self-releasing design First-generation device not self-centering No axial movement of mounted component during
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Brady BM71-250-175-7641Y, PermaSleeve Heat Shrink

Brady BM71-250-175-7641Y, PermaSleeve Heat Shrink

Brady, BM71-250-175-7641Y, 141328 0.25 Dia x 1.75 BMP71 Low Smoke Zero Halogen PermaSleeve Heat Shrink Tubing, White PermaSleeve Heat Shrink Tubing is engineered for thermal transfer printing and
663.00 USD
Accuform FBMELC144XT10, Safety Sign

Accuform FBMELC144XT10, Safety Sign

Accuform, FBMELC144XT10, 20 x 14 Safety Sign Battery Storage Area ... Dura-Plastic Features Semi-rigid .060 quot thick polycarbonate with a protective coating Protected by
493.70 USD
Bellco Glass 1964-06402R, L/P 2-Port

Bellco Glass 1964-06402R, L/P 2-Port

1964-06402R, L/P 2-Port SST Assembly, 6L Dip Tube assemblies are designed for addition/sampling of media from bioreactor vessels. They are constructed of 316L electropolished stainless steel and include a blue
237.30 USD
28' Round Crystal Wave

28' Round Crystal Wave

Will fit either a 48 rdquo , 52 rdquo or 54 quot tall pool Select your wall height . nbsp
389.99 USD